Tooth Extractions in South Hadley, MA

While most of us would rather keep our natural teeth for a lifetime, there are some instances when tooth extraction in South Hadley becomes necessary. Extraction in South Hadley involves removing a tooth from its tooth socket. Tooth extraction may be performed on primary or permanent teeth, depending on the needs of the patient.

Dental extraction near you is often required if you are struggling with overcrowding, severe cavities that cannot be addressed through root canal therapy, as well as loose teeth. If you’re about to undergo chemotherapy and have a tooth that shows a high risk of infection, our dentist may also recommend an extraction.

What to Expect

During your visit, our dentist near you will assess you carefully to determine the best type of extraction for you. Teeth may be removed in two ways—surgically or non-surgically. In non-surgical extraction, our dentist loosens the tooth and then pulls it from its socket using dental tools known as dental lever and forceps. For surgical tooth extractions, our dentist cuts through the gum tissue to access the impacted tooth. Tooth extraction surgery may also be necessary when a tooth is so severely decayed that there’s not much left to grasp onto.

For both procedures, we use anesthesia to alleviate pain and ensure you’re comfortable.

Dental Extraction After-Care Instructions

Once the tooth has come out of its socket, our dentist in South Hadley will place a gauze pad in the socket to control bleeding. After this, you’ll be ready to go home and resume your daily activities. Here are some crucial dental extraction aftercare tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your gauze pad on for two hours. If it becomes too bloody within this period, replace it with the extra pad issued to you by our dental team.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise as this can elevate your blood pressure and cause excessive bleeding at your extraction site.
  • Don’t drink from a straw. The sucking motion can create a dry socket at your extraction site.
  • Don’t rinse your mouth for 24 hours.

You can expect to heal from a tooth extraction in 7 to 10 days if you’re following proper tooth extraction care. If you’re still experiencing sensitivity, pain, or bleeding after this period, contact us immediately.

South Hadley Dental Group offers wisdom tooth extraction for wisdom teeth in South Hadley, as well as broken tooth extraction and decayed tooth extraction.

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