Teeth Whitening in South Hadley, MA

We all deserve beautiful smiles. Many of the things we consume throughout our daily lives can stain our smiles and darken them. Every day things like coffee, tea, soda, and cigarettes contribute to darker teeth. At South Hadley Dental Group in South Hadley, MA, we have the tools to whiten your teeth effectively.

Teeth whitening is an elective procedure. There’s no risk or threat for those who don’t want to whiten their teeth. If you feel like your smile has gotten darker and want it to go back to looking the way it used to, however, teeth whitening is one of your best options.

Chemicals Used in Teeth Whitening

Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening in South Hadley, MA or elsewhere, bleach will be used in the procedure. It’s a powerful chemical that can get rid of stains that affect teeth without damaging the patient’s natural teeth.

At South Hadley Dental Group, we can whiten teeth over several visits. Patients who have an important upcoming event can get their teeth whitened in a single visit. Teeth whitening, especially if done quickly, can cause temporary increased sensitivity. This side effect fades within hours to days.

Artificial Dental Products

We see several patients that want their veneers or crowns whitened. We hate to break it to you, but artificial dental products like veneers, crowns, and composite resin are resistant to bleach and whitening methods. If you get any of these, you should regularly brush your teeth and try to limit your intake of coffee and similar products.

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