John Gentile, DMD
John Gentile, DMD General Dentist

“Dr. Gentile is fabulous! Great personality and extremely friendly. He made me feel comfortable from the moment he introduced himself to me. I am so glad this practice will be able to take care of all my dental needs. Thank you 😊” – Pat C

Dr. Gentile has been practicing dentistry for over a decade throughout western Massachusetts and beyond. The profession runs in the family; his father was an orthodontist and his mother was a dental hygienist. Because of his dental-focused up-bringing, Dr. Gentile has always been drawn to the field.

He received his dental degree from Boston University and received the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Implant Student Award in 2009. Dr. Gentile has also been a contributor and editor of several published works in the dental science community.

He offers many treatment options, including restorative and fixed dental care, removable appliances, mini-implant placement and restoration, extractions, and preventative care. Patients describe Dr. Gentile as a direct provider with a conservative treatment approach. His philosophy is to treat every patient like a family member.

Dr. Gentile is an avid baseball fan. His favorite team is the Chicago Cubs! He also enjoys golf and football. When he is not watching or playing sports (or being a dentist!), Dr. Gentile enjoys spending time with his daughter, Nancy and his son, J.R.

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