Dental Bonding: What Is It, Who Needs It, and How Is It Done?

Dental Bonding: What Is It, Who Needs It, and How Is It Done?

Mar 01, 2021

Fractures, cracks, and chips are common dental flaws that many people want to fix. They can easily mar your smile and cause you to dread socializing. However, we have a cosmetic dentist near you who can easily restore your smile.

One of the quickest ways to deal with these cosmetic flaws is through dental bonding in South Hadley. Dental bonding treatment is an excellent option for revamping your smile since it takes the least amount of timeand is more cost-effective than other options.

Dental Bonding Overview

Anyone who has a cracked or chipped tooth knows firsthand the struggles of dealing with problems that arise from these dental issues.

Cracked teeth will negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of your smile. This might make you feel self-conscious, and you may no longer feel comfortable laughing, smiling, or even speaking around colleagues and friends. Even worse, if your profession requires you to interact with people, your career may be affected.

On the other hand, your dental health can be at stake when you have cracks and chips in your teeth. This is because these issues tend to compromise the structural integrity of your teeth. Therefore, making them susceptible to fractures. You may experience increased sensitivity, especially if there is pressure applied to your teeth or if they are exposed to hot or cold substances.

At this point, dental bonding comes in handy. Our dentist near you will apply a resin to your teeth. Resin is normally tooth-colored, and therefore it will fit right in with the rest of your teeth.

The resin is cemented or “bonded” to your tooth’s surface, hence the name dental or tooth bonding. Composite is by far the best material to be used for this procedure since it can be shaped and polished to make it look like your natural teeth.

At times, people may confuse veneers for dental bonding. However, these are two different procedures, even though they are similar. Veneers are made from porcelain, while a resin material is used in dental bonding.

Dental bonding is pain-free and straightforward. It is also good to know that there are two forms of bonding:

  • Adhesive bonding – used with veneers, bridges, and crowns
  • Direct composite bonding –used to fill cavities and repair chips and cracks

Do You Need Dental Bonding?

The whole idea for undergoing the procedure is to correct minor dental flaws. Therefore, our dentist may recommend tooth bonding if:

  • You wish to elongate your teeth.
  • You desire to alter the appearance of discolored teeth.
  • You need to cover exposed roots when gums recede.
  • You desire to reshape your teeth.
  • You want to repair a chipped or cracked tooth.
  • You want to use it as a filling.

What to Expect During Bonding

This process is not complicated and will not take a long time. Here is how it is done:

  • Preparation

One of the perks of undergoing this procedure is that you don’t have to prepare for it. In just an hour, your smile will be as good as new.

In addition, anesthesia is not needed in most cases since it is a minimally invasive procedure. You should not feel any pain or discomfort during this procedure.

  • Bonding

Our dentist will commence the procedure by making the tooth’s surface rough. This is done so that the resin can adhere properly. Then, a conditioning liquid is applied to also aid in the adhering process. A shade guide will be used to help our dentist pick the color that most closely matches your teeth.

After selecting the color, our dentist will apply the resin. The resin will be molded and shaped by our dentist before your teeth are exposed to bright light to help cure the resin. Once the resin has hardened, our dentist will perform the finishing touches by shaping, trimming, and polishing so that your teeth have a natural sheen.

It typically takesaround 60 minutes for the bonding procedure to be done.

Dental bonding can change your smile almost instantly. Contact our cosmetic dentist near you at South Hadley Dental Group to schedule an appointment.

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