Preventive Dentistry in South Hadley, MA: Why It Matters

A dentist isn’t only necessary when you need to fix a cavity or damaged tooth. Preventive dentistry is an area of dental care that focuses on preventing problems rather than correcting them.

At South Hadley Dental Group, our dentist offers preventive dentistry to help our community and the surrounding area achieve optimal oral health. This prevents a wide range of problems in the future, even the possibility of tooth loss.

How Often Do You Need Preventive Dentistry in South Hadley?

The answer to the question “How often do you need preventive dentistry near you?” depends on several factors. For instance, the health of your teeth and gums is a deciding factor. Those who have extensive oral health problems may need to seek out dental care more than twice per year. On the other hand, someone with optimal oral health may be able to see the dentist less than twice per year.

What’s Included in Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry near you includes routine cleanings. During this particular dental procedure, our hygienist cleans your teeth using a high-powered electric toothbrush along with a special toothpaste. This removes any built-up plaque. Additionally, our hygienist will use a scraper to remove any plaque that’s difficult to remove.

You’ll also have the option of a fluoride treatment as part of preventive dentistry in South Hadley. This strengthens your teeth to prevent cavities.

Why Receive Preventive Dentistry Near You?

Even if you’re brushing and flossing like your dentist advises, your teeth aren’t “dentist” clean. This means bacteria remains that can harm your teeth and gums. The goal of preventive dentistry in South Hadley is to remove the harmful substances on your teeth to prevent complications that can cost you quite a bit of money to correct in the future. Sometimes, the problem isn’t correctable and requires continuous care from a dentist near you.

Our dentist thoroughly cleans your teeth and advises on ways you can take better care of your oral health at home. Ultimately, we don’t just care about your teeth when you’re in our office – our team cares about your teeth all the time.

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