Root Canals in South Hadley, MA

Do you have a huge cavity that’s causing you sleepless nights? Are you considering an extraction? Not so fast. Root canal treatments are a better alternative to extractions. A root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy, allows you to keep your tooth while eliminating the pain of tooth decay, or other types of tooth damage.

Root canals in South Hadley, MA are recommended for individuals who have extensive tooth damage/decay, where other dental treatments such as simple fillings cannot do the trick. When performing a root canal treatment, the dentist removes diseased tooth pulp, essentially rendering the tooth dead but still functional.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

During your visit to South Hadley Dental Group, our dentist will carefully examine you as well as take dental x-rays to determine the state of your affected tooth. Afterward, the dentist will administer local anesthesia and get down to the process of cleaning out the diseased pulp.

South Hadley Dental Group offers sedation as well, to guarantee comfort and relaxation during root canal treatments, especially for patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

To access your dental pulp and root canals, our dentist will use small, specialized tools. These tools remove the inflamed pulp, allowing the dentist to seal the canals with a dental filling material. This material is referred to as gutta-percha. You may receive a short-term or temporary crown to protect your newly cleaned and filled root canals.

During your second visit, our dentist will remove your temporary crown and put in place a permanent crown.

South Hadley Dental Group seeks to ensure that all our patients feel safe and comfortable during their dental procedures. If you have any lingering concerns before or during your root canal procedure, make sure to communicate this to the dentist for assistance.

Caring for Your Teeth After Root Canal Treatment

You may experience some soreness and sensitivity after your root canal treatment in South Hadley, MA, but this should resolve within days. Our dentist may prescribe antibiotics and pain-relievers to make your days more bearable. Antibiotics are essential in keeping infections at bay but aren’t required for all cases.

Avoid hard and sugary foods after a root canal. Such foods can agitate the treatment site and are detrimental to your oral health as a whole.

Brush and floss your teeth as usual. You should also schedule regular cleanings with our dentist in South Hadley, MA, to ensure the continued health of your teeth.

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