What is Preventive Dentistry?

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Jun 25, 2020

It’s always a good idea to visit a dentist every six months. When it comes to preventive dentistry, the South Hadley Dental Group knows that the best smile is a clean, bright smile that is free from cavities or any kind of dental issues. We take pride in providing preventive dentistry services for those who range from infants to adults. If you have yet to visit a dentist just for a simple checkup, you are not alone. All you need to do is set up an appointment, and we’ll be happy to squeeze you in. Here are just a few things that will be part of the preventive dentistry process.

Comprehensive Exams

During your appointment, the dentist will do a comprehensive exam. This will include looking over your teeth to check for any cavities. They will also use a scraper tool in case they spot any plaque buildup. Sometimes, you can miss some hard to reach places while brushing. Thankfully, your dentist can spot this easily and get rid of plaque fairly quickly.


After your examination is complete, your teeth will undergo a thorough cleaning. Your teeth will be polished, cleaned, and rinsed. They will feel and look good the moment you walk out of the office. You’ll also be reminded to do your part to keep them clean between now and the next appointment because preventive dentistry isn’t just the dentist’s responsibility. It’s yours too.

Digital X-Rays

Dental problems don’t usually show up on the surface. That’s why the dentist will take a few x-rays to ensure that no cavities are forming inside the teeth. They’ll also be able to spot any potential issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Preventive care doesn’t take care of just the surface. Your dentist will go even further to check to see if your teeth are 100 percent healthy.


If your child is the patient, they’ll be excited when they get to swish fluoride solution in an effort to protect their teeth from cavities and tooth decay. They’ll choose between a variety of flavors that they will enjoy for that clean feeling.


Sealants are another preventive measure that your kids can have in order to prevent tooth decay. When it comes to brushing, the back teeth may be highly susceptible to tooth decay. That’s because brushing may not always get the job done. Sealants will seal off the groove that will keep sugars and other acids out. This is just another way to keep a step ahead of tooth decay, so your child’s smile becomes healthier even when they grow up.

Schedule an appointment now!

It’s never too late to schedule a dental appointment for yourself or someone in your family. The South Hadley Dental Group knows that preventive dentistry is the best option to keep a smile healthy. Call our office today to schedule an appointment that will fit your schedule.

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