Invisalign in South Hadley, MA

Having straight teeth is important for not just the look of our smiles but also our oral health. The position of our teeth is not something we think about all the time, but it can impact several factors of our oral health. If you or a loved one have alignment issues with your teeth, coming to our South Hadley Dental Group dental clinic and discussing your options is important.

You might have already tried searching for Invisalign near you and we are here to help. We know that most patients don’t like the idea of traditional braces when it comes to straightening their teeth, and that’s why we offer Invisalign® in South Hadley, MA as another alignment correction option so that patients can get the smile they want to fix potential issues without all the unnecessary components of metal braces.

Why Are Straight Teeth So Important?

The main reason most people think they want straight teeth is to have a great-looking smile. While the aesthetics of your smile are important because they impact your self-esteem and your ability to present yourself to others, the medical reasons for straightening your teeth are much more important.

As your teeth come in, they sit in a particular position. If everything goes right, each tooth has a designated slot that fits into it, and you have a bright white smile that looks great, with each tooth functioning as it should. Sometimes, our teeth only come perfectly straight in the spots designed for them, while some may come crooked or wedged too close to another tooth. Some teeth do not erupt properly and stay lodged in the gum or, worse, can come sideways or at a strange angle.

This can cause many complications, including crowding, where teeth constantly rub against each other, tooth decay, impacted teeth, root binding issues, and more. The risk of damage, infections, and losing teeth increases drastically the more misaligned your teeth are. The longer the spacing issues persist, the more severe the consequences can get.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Now that you know more about the importance of straightening your teeth, here are a few benefits of choosing Invisalign clear braces near South Hadley, MA over traditional braces.

No Wires and Brackets

One of the worst things patients hate most about traditional braces is using metal wires and brackets to straighten teeth. Even though they are necessary for the braces to do their job, patients dislike them because of the way they look and how painful wearing them can be. They can only be adjusted by visiting a dentist; you can see why patients dislike them.

Invisalign uses no wires or brackets but clear plastic trays that are barely visible unless someone inspects them closely, and it is much more comfortable thanks to a custom fit for each tray.

You Can Take Invisalign Trays Out Briefly

Another complaint about traditional braces is that once placed on your teeth, you must wear them for the duration of the treatment, 24 hours a day. Even if the discomfort is manageable, it can still be difficult for patients to eat, brush their teeth, or perform other hygiene tasks, especially if they have extensive metalwork included with their braces.

Invisalign solves some of these issues by making it so that the aligners can be taken out for up to 2 hours daily to eat, brush, and floss. This gives patients some relief and allows them to maintain their oral hygiene at the same time.

Invisalign is Much Faster

One last issue with braces is that they are usually a multi-year commitment, with some patients having to wear them for up to three years to get full results. This is a long time for young kids and teens.

Invisalign is generally more effective and can work in as little as one year to 18 months for total correction. This makes them a much-preferred option for alignment correction for most patients. Contact us to see if you or your child is eligible.

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