Low Radiation X-Rays in South Hadley, MA

Digital x-rays are a standard diagnostic tool that is extremely safe and reliable. Dental x-rays are associated with low radiation levels, much lower than radiation levels used for other medical imaging procedures.

When performed with adequate precautions in place, there is very little cause for concern. Our dental experts at South Hadley Dental Group will answer questions about what dental x-rays are, how they are taken, and why they are considered safe.

Why Are Dental X-Rays Important?

Dental x-rays provide a detailed picture of your teeth, gums, and jaws. We use them to identify and treat issues with more accuracy. Digital images are clear and precise and can be saved for future reference.

Our team is able to view the following issues with the help of low radiation dental x-rays near you:

  • Areas of decay especially under prosthetic devices like fillings or crowns
  • Bone loss caused due to periodontal disease
  • Abscesses and tumors in the oral cavity
  • Any changes in the root canal due to infection
  • Position and current condition of teeth in order to prepare them for dentures, bridges, crowns, implants or other procedures

Our dentist in South Hadley, MA, may recommend x-rays for children to detect areas of decay, impacted teeth that are unable to erupt, and the space in the oral cavity to check for overcrowding.

The team at South Hadley Dental Group is committed to using the latest dental technology safely for the wellbeing of our patients.

Low Radiation X-rays near You

We place a leaded covering that prevents exposure to the x-rays, and the lab technician will only take as many images as the dentist recommends. Our dentist only suggests x-rays if necessary, and we use the lowest radiation settings while treating children.

Before suggesting a dental x-ray, we take into account age, medical history of the patient, the dental problem in question, and any other relevant health conditions.

Our dental team is always happy to address any concerns you may have about low radiation x-rays in South Hadley, MA..

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